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A Principal will contact you within 24-hours to discuss listing properties on our crowdfund platform.

We're looking for these types of properties
located in QLD, NSW, VIC & WA

Serviced Apartments

Preferred apartments are those that are part of a letting pool with a minimum occupancy rate of 75% and under on-site management. These may include fixed long-term income with all expenses paid by the managers.

Display Homes

Investors seek fixed lease-back terms together with all or most expenses paid by the builder/developer during lease-back period. Preferred houses are those that are located in high-growth areas.

Duplexes & Dual Occ's

Investors will benefit from the higher-rental incomes that dual occupancy properties generate year-on-year. Preferred duals are those that have not been sub-divided and that are located in growth areas.

Townhouses & Villas

Configurations of 1br, 2br, 3br and 4br single and 2-storey dwellings are acceptable. These properties are expected to be lower priced yet produce above-market returns and ideally located in growth areas.

Investors look for properties that are located in high-growth locations with above-market returns.

Our licensed real estate principals grade the property before it can be included on the Platform. Property grading must be a minimum of 9%. It’s a combination of property growth rate and gross rental return i.e. 5-year annual growth rate 3.5% + gross rental return rate 5.5% = 9%. A desktop valuation will be undertaken by us to determine a realistic valuation of the property. Soon after the property has been deemed suitable for crowdfunding, you’ll be emailed a completed ‘Appointment to Act’ for a minimum 6-month exclusive-listing-term.

  • Gross rental returns

    Regular rental income and suburb vacancy rate is assessed and verified.

  • Suburb growth rates

    Property location and suburb is assessed to determine potential increase in property value over time.

  • Realistic market valuations

    Similar properties on-the-market for sale together with recently sold sales evidence is used to obtain a realistic value.

The HouseCrowd Property Developer Presentation

Please take 3 minutes to watch our presentation on crowd funding investment properties

About Crowd Funded Investment Property

Two trading platforms

Approved properties are listed on www.empowerhousing.com.au and www.domacom.com.au websites for crowdfunding. When a property has been 100% funded by investors, the property is transferred onto the HouseCrowd share/unit trading platform. Investors can then buy, sell and bid on shares/units.

Two property listers

The principals are fully licenced to list and sell property in NSW, QLD, VIC and WA. Exclusive appointments to act are prepared and issued to the sellers in each state. Selling fees are applicable on successful fund raising. Marketing fees are payable prior to the property/ies being listed on the website and offered for fund raising.

The property buyers

When the property has achieved 100% funding by investors, sellers are provided with a contract of sale to purchase without a finance clause. DomaCom Ltd has appointed Perpetual Trust Services Ltd to be the Responsible Entity and Perpetual Corporate Trust Ltd as the Custodian for the Fund. Perpetual holds the title for each property.

Typical Properties we Crowd Fund

Townhouse in Victoria (Growth)


  • Funds to be raised $453,600
  • $2,000 buys 0.44% of property
  • Dividend yield 3.17%
  • Gross rental yield 4.33%
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Apartments in WA (Income)


  • Funds to be raised $798,120
  • $2,000 buys 0.25% of property
  • Dividend yield 7%
  • Gross rental yield 7%
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Apartment in Broome (Income)


  • Funds to be raised $399,600
  • $2,000 buys 0.50% of property
  • Dividend yield 4.46%
  • Gross rental yield 7.9%
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Vic T'House + WA Apt (Balanced)


  • Funds to be raised $853,200
  • $2,000 buys 0.23% of property
  • Dividend yield 5.7%
  • Gross rental yield 6%
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What types of property can be crowd funded?

New propeties, off-the-plan properties with up to 6-months to go and established properties including: Houses, Duplexes, Dual Occupancy, Apartments, Serviced Apartments, Townhouses, Villas, Display Homes and NRAS

What's the listing process?

For properties that are acceptable in location, return and desireability, sellers are requested to complete a listing agreement. Upon receipt, an exclusive appointment to act in the state that the property or properties are located in is prepared and emailed for the sellers further action. A minimum 6-months exclusive period is required. Properties cannot be sold or removed off the platform during the fund raising process.

How many properties can I list?

There is no limit on how many properties you can list for inclusion on the fund raising platform.

Are there fees for listing and selling my property?

Yes. Empower Housing Group is a licenced real estate agency and charges sales commission on any property listed and sold. Selling fees are available upon application. Properties listed on the 2 crowd funding platforms are advertised on Google using AdWords. A per property fee of $1,100 incl GST is prepaid and covers 6-months of advertising. This fee is non-refundable and offsets the marketing fees, video fees, SEO fees etc.

What locations are suitable for crowd funding?

Our real estate licencing is limited to NSW, QLD, VIC and WA. Locations in these states include: cities, regional areas, coastal areas.

What do you look for in a property?

Investors choose investments for a variety of reasons. These can include: properties that have above-market monthly income, properties that are located in suburbs with consistent growth and a mixture of properties that provide a balanced mix of income and growth. The principals check the suburb growth, the realistic income expectations and the vacancy rates. Properties must meet the minimum 9% combination of return for investors.

Can I also invest in my property?

Yes. It's called an 'Unfunded Bid'. Each property when 100% funded, is purchased and managed by DomaCom Ltd. You may wish to retain ownership by way of shares/units and receive monthly income in proportion to your ownership percentage. For example: your property may be valued at $400,000 and you owe $200,000. The $200,000 will be raised by crowd funding and you receive shares/units to the value of $200,000 at settlement. Your bid is unfunded by cash and instead funded by the equity you hold in the property.

What is the DomaCom Fund?

It's an ASIC registered Managed Investment Scheme (MIS) that allows all types of investors to invest in one or more properties of their choice via a syndicate-like/fractional investment structure. Soon to be ASX listed, the DomaCom fractional property investment platform is the world’s first regulated fractional property fund bringing property ownership to thousands more people in Australia and beyond by combining: Online property listing with Online secondary trading.

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